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My tiny OT community for Open Tibia game developers :)

The purpose of this community is first and foremost to have a place where OT developers can chat, chill and have a good time without constant bickering and fighting.

Secondly to serve as a democratic forum and platform for open discussion, critique, ideas and suggestions, and to help the OT community out wherever we can and is reasonable i.e. by hosting this wiki where everything related to Open Tibia (software, projects, people, communities and histories) can be documented, and trying to create a centralized directive to host links to alternative OT communities (which OTLand strictly prohibits despite not actually having any public rule against it), OT lists, software alternatives, etc.

You can find the rest of the community links on the right side of this blog.

Due to a general lack of user activity and interest I started this blog to blog about some of the OT stuff I’m working on instead.

Behind the scenes

Hi, I’m source😎. I started, run and maintain on my own.
I also work on my own OT projects and decided to make this blog as a means to publicize changes and updates to all my Open tibia related projects.

TypeScript Gameserver😎

My most interesting fully solo OT project so far.The server runs on pixie dust and haters’ tears.Download link Core basic features…

Classic OTClient🧐

For the past year and a half I’ve been working on an otclient version with all the original 7.x client details,…


I also work on other projects from time to time, mostly under other aliases. I like learning about and writing cryptography-related…

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