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Minor updates

Fixed a bunch of “minor” things this update that I’m very happy with, but won’t talk about most of them.
Some worthy mentions:
* Added sound effects volume
* Improved complexity of encrypted file format
* Added upload bash scripts for my Linux PC and batch scripts on my Windows video editing / livestreaming PC that downloads and updates local server and client so that I could start livestreaming bug fixing in real time if I want to

Also added in-game healing sound effect and hired another freelancer.
Currently working on debugging and fixing some strange quickscope rune aiming bugs that even the original client has suffered from on the client side, and completely messed up multiplayer (including segfault) bugs on the server side. Recent fix: essentially added a getPlayers(x, y, z, width, height) function (API improvement) that can be run in a foreach loop.

I’ve also had to do a lot of sysadmin stuff related to my dev work lately, such as adding automatic backups of my VM/dev files (after a VM drive died on me), installation scripts, etc.

Also added a debug.log file and function to my server to avoid print spam when debugging lol.

Job opportunities

Looking for Open Tibia video maker/editor

I’m looking for an Open Tibia video make/editor to make promotional videos of Open Tibia using cool, unique and challenging Open Tibia concepts such as these:

Cool and unique Open Tibia games

You can get the content for these kinds of videos any legal way you like, whether it be recording on your own OT, recording on someone else’s OT, purchase clips, get clips with the owner’s permission, or if you don’t get an answer from the owner you’ll have to add in the video a link to and credit of their work/material without and only using their clip in part and must not be a copyrighted clip.

The pitch is to sell Open Tibia as an unique and easy way to get into gamedev using already fully developed FOSS software to try to appeal to new game developers interested in developing a 2D MMORPG-like game.

General budget per video: $30-50.
General expected pay: $5-50 per minute of video depending on the amount and quality of video editing and video quality.
No matter what you do you’re required to cut videos down into shorter clips of max 30 seconds each.
We will negotiate to begin with and settle on all the necessary details so there will be no misunderstandings starting with your previous work or what your history is with video editing, then the video’s themes, some ideas, and expected quality of work (number of different clips/themes, at least 1 (edited or unedited) clip shared asap as a demo of what I can expect before we make a deal, length of video) and expected pay.

Update (04th-15th of Aug)

  • Minor crypto updates (various improvements and fixes to file generator, minor bug fixes, improved plans)
  • Next layer of anti-cracking introduced
  • Related tools
  • Fixed ignore list bugs, added flashing red icon and original client tooltips
  • ???
  • Minor improvements to workflow
  • Video editing fun
  • Minor addition to TS game server (speaking to yourself in “public” channels)

To be honest about 90% of this was done within the past 3-4 days, not sure what I was doing the other days.

Crypto updates (31st-04th of Aug)

Slacked a few days.
Worked a fair bit other days.
Was a bit more work than expected due to weird and undocumented implementation quirks on the file generation generation side.
Spent a day or two figuring that out.
Encrypted file generation -> OTClient decryption -> loading of the full file load succeeded for the first time a few hours ago.
The cryptography comes implemented with 2 core layers of antiRE so far, and many more layers are to come.
Also a couple of bugs (related to debugging) and a missing implementation detail is something I’ll hopefully be working on in the upcoming days.